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Product Description

The Quantic Soul Orchestra's debut album Stampede arrives courtesy of Will Holland, a.k.a Quantic. Having already released two acclaimed albums under his Quantic guise `The 5th Exotic' and `Apricot Morning', 'Stampede' is his strictly sample-free, all-live project. Influenced by super-heavy original funk, soul, jazz and afro-beat, the band consists of 11 highly talented musicians and features the golden voiced Alice Russell, who applies her sultry vocals to three of the albums tracks, including the band's breathtaking cover of 4Hero's classic Hold it Down.


スマホゲーム「オクトパストラベラー大陸の覇者」の5chまとめサイトです。 攻略情報の他、ゲームに関する様々な話題やネタなどを提供しています。



    (出典 【【ネタバレ有】タトゥロック戦はどんな感じになりそうか予想【オクトラ大陸の覇者】】の続きを読む