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Greatest Hits


Greatest Hits



Seniority does have its privileges. In this case, Twila Paris has nearly 20 years of contemporary Christian recordings from which to cull a greatest-hits release. Longtime fans will recognize the early CCM hits "The Warrior Is a Child," "Lamb of God," and the worship standard "He Is Exalted." However, Paris is a notable songwriter and had always had a keen ability to match her contemporaries. New cuts "Sparks and Shadows" and "Faithful Father" are as good as anything on Christian radio, and the ending "God of Miracles" is a personal, moving tribute to Paris's newborn baby. Special highlights include the folksy "The Joy of the Lord" and the guitar-slick "Run to You." In both cases, Paris--in true songwriter form--molds her music to the producer's style (Richard Souther on "Joy of the Lord" and Charlie Peacock on "Run to You"). This release proves that Paris is by no means finished with her great career. --Michael Lyttle

Greatest Hits